Fox 5 News Visits Cookies United

“Our ovens range from 80-150 feet in length. They bake at different speeds and temperatures based on the cookie,” Michael Strauss says.

Cookies United manufactures four to five days a week and employs 120 people depending on the season.  CFO Michael Petrucelli will tell you the fourth quarter is the busiest time of year.

“During our peak season, we go up to 200 people and we have a wide variety of cookies. On any given day, we can make 12 cookies on the floor. With all ovens going, we can crank out 1 million cookies a day,” Petrucelli says.

From start to finish it’s all done inside a 140,000 sq. foot bakery. They have hundreds of cookie molds and they’re licensed to sell decorated cookies including Minions, Trolls and Batman.

Cake bites are their hottest seller – they crank out 110 packs a minute and 110,000 packages a day.  It’s traditionally an italian cookie, almond flavor cake, raspberry jelly, chocolate coated topped with chocolate sprinkles

“We ship nationally throughout the US and Canada. We’re in local groceries including King Kullen, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite. In the Midwest we’re in Kroger and HEB,” Petruclli says.

The company sees in excess of $30 million in sales each year.


See the video here!


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